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We're so certain that you'll love the speed and quality of our work, that we will do your first advanced repair FOR FREE!
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why Use Us?

We are one out of only a handful of companies that Apple sends phones to for board-level repairs. Our Apple Certified technicians are among the leaders in the industry. We hire the best, and we pay them well.

Why pay other companies to take forever for your repairs and charge you an arm and a leg for their “expertise”? Most repairs that come in are done within an hour and ship back the SAME DAY!

 We are the cheapest in the industry, our repairs come with a lifetime warranty, and we prove it with our “no-brainer” offer. If you aren’t happy with us, you have nothing to lose!

Give us a try today and you won’t be let down! 

Submission Instructions

  • Call or Text us before shipping to create a Repair ID and reserve your place in the repair queue.
  • Find My iPhone MUST be turned off.
  • Be sure data is backed up, as we are not responsible for your customer’s data!
  • You will receive call or text updates EVERY step along the way and return shipping is FREE!



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